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Where do I start on this blog, we had it all from heavy rain to cancelled rounds, flooded greens, bright sunshine and even my playing partner got hit by a golf ball !!!!


Trump Turnberry Golf resort is voted the 8th best golf course in the world by Top 100 golf courses and I can see why, this is without doubt the best golf resort I have ever been too. From start to finish just being on the grounds of the resort is something special.

We travelled up Thursday night to Scotland to be fresh ready for the Ailsa golf course Friday morning but since Thursday it was non-stop heavy rain throughout the night and into Friday morning but that being said we didn’t let it dampen our mood. Myself and Kev was geared up ready to tackle the Ailsa course, 2 proper golfers stood waiting patiently for our tee time to come only to be told walking over towards the 1st tee that the course has been closed for the day due to heavy rain and the greens were unplayable due to flooding. This was the worst news possible after travelling 5 hours to play in a 36 hole competition.



After an hour the competition committee & greenkeepers agreed to keep the course closed for the day and just move the competition to a 1 day event the following day. With nothing else to do for the rest of the day we decided to walk a few holes on the Ailsa course and typically the rain stopped the sun came out and it was perfect playing conditions without a breathe of wind.  That being said I still manage to get a few photos on the course and WOW I was amazed of how the Ailsa golf course looked and the condition it was in. The 9th, 10th & 11th Holes are probably the best stretch of holes in golf in my eyes, all running along the coastline and past the Turnberry lighthouse it is just breath taking.

“The 9th,10th & 11th Holes on the Aisle Course are probably the best stretch of golf holes in the world”

We still managed to get a couple of hours practice in on the range and on the short game area before using the hotel facilities which again are fantastic along with a few wee beverages from the hotel bar before making our way back to our rooms before day 2 of the trip. The following morning we woke up not to Glorious sunshine but yet again heavy rain, lightning cant strike twice surely but luckily for us after breakfast the rain stopped and the sun was shining and we managed to play the King Robert The Bruce course which again was a lovely course. I managed to play some great golf on the front 9 going out in Level par playing like a proper golfer with 4 lip outs and 2 birdies. Entering the back 9 the wind picked up and was playing a good 2-3 club difference, the course was now playing tough and I lost a ball on the 11th Hole and had 4 x 3 putts on the final 6 holes to score 31 points but the highlight of the day and of the trip for me was my playing partner Kev on the second round, 14th hole Par 5, we were both stood waiting patiently to play our shots whilst are other 2 playing partners were slightly wayward and playing across back onto the fairway and without any shout of “FORE” Kev got struck by a ball, only having been stood 6ft apart I wasn’t sure what was happening to start with as he fell to his knees muttering something that only can be described as Chinese, I thought he was joking but after seeing he wasn’t I realised he was in some pain but then realising that the ball struck him full on in the “MEAT & 2 VEG” I couldn’t compose myself, I have never laughed so much on a golf course in my life and I don’t know how I hit my 2nd shot. Luckily Kevin is all well and safe and has a nice Callaway 2 imprint on his Wee friend.

I am looking forward to returning to Turnberry to play the Ailsa course as we have a FREE voucher to use but Overall I have loved the experience, played some good golf and made some great memories. Thanks to Kev also who was my playing partner and wish you a speedy recovery.



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