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Proper Golfer Apparel has always been a dream of mine since working in the golfing industry. Ever since being a junior golfer I always wondered what it would be like to have your own golf brand, I remember walking into pro shops seeing all the different brands thinking how nice are all these golf shirts & golf tops but I couldn’t afford them. Golf has become increasingly popular but along with that it’s also a very expensive sport.

When Covid 19 arrived I was put on furlough and i was looking around thinking what can I do to keep me going on the golf side of things, all the golf courses were closed and this is when I turned to Instagram advertising for another golf brand trying to get more followers and custom for them and after a while I saw it was building and things were going well and that is when I realised why am I doing this for somebody else when i could be doing it for myself.

So with that in mind I thought if I don’t give this a go now at bringing out my own golf brand in the middle of a pandemic when I have all the time in the world, I am never going to do it.

So i started pen to paper, doing research after research, putting ideas together brainstorming, driving my wife crazy with all this golf clothing brand talk and eventually we came up with the name “Proper Golfer Apparel”

Whether you are a professional, intermediate, amateur or have no handicap and play occasionally for fun, Proper Golfer apparel have you covered.

Our saying is  Look, Play & Feel Like A Proper Golfer, we believe when wearing our golf brand you are not just a golfer, you become part of the family, you become a Proper Golfer.

If you are wanting to walk the fairways looking like a proper golfer then don’t forget Proper Golfer Apparel is the brand for you.

We cover all areas ranging from:

  • Kids golf headwear.
  • Men’s & Ladies golf headwear.
  • Golf polo shirts.
  • Golf pullovers.
  • ¼ zip golf fleeces.
  • Society golf day shirts & more.
  • We offer high quality golf clothing but without the expensive price tag.

    Thank You, Enjoy & Play well.

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